Close Enemies (writing as Nick Curtis)

President Mani Saiki is the new president of the tiny African republic of Rezengiland. It’s a commonly held view that his predecessor was plundering the country’s wealth with the help of South African mine owner, Piet Bakker.

Promising reform and an end to corruption, the new president appoints Paul Malamba as Minister for Minerals. Paul wants to nationalise the mines and so has become Bakker’s mortal enemy.

Saiki, Malamba and Bakker arrive in the UK to discuss initiatives to exploit the mineral resources fairly, but on the eve of the visit The Times runs a story about “a British connection” that helped oil the wheels of the corrupt Rezengiland government.

Assigned to protect Saiki and Malamba, Charlie and Alex soon realise they could be dealing with threats that are as much home-grown in the UK as they are rooted in the rich soil of Africa.

And that’s when the trouble starts …

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