The Stone Trilogy

The Stone Trilogy by Graham Edwards

In 1883, the eruption of Krakatoa catapults Victorian adventurer Jonah Lightfoot to the parallel world of Stone – a seemingly infinite wall populated by people and creatures drawn not only from our own world’s history, but also from the realms of mythology.

In the company of Annie West, a settler from the American West, Jonah battles an ancient immortal foe and discovers the truth about Stone’s hidden heart, for within its mighty structure are contained all the memories of the world. Furthermore, as he embarks on an epic quest across Stone’s precipitous landscape, Jonah learns that in order to defeat his enemy he must unlock the past, present and future of the entire human race.

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“The Stone trilogy grew from a lifetime spent devouring sci-fi and fantasy novels about parallel worlds. The world-wall of Stone is a Big Dumb Object in the grand tradition of speculative fiction, but what I love most about it isn’t the vertigo it induces but the mysterious ‘memory rods’ that lie beneath its surface – and the power they hold over time itself.

“Time is what it’s all about, really. At their heart, these three volumes tell a single long story about the tension between memory and truth, history and myth, and about our place within it all. And yes, I’ll admit it – the architectural conceit on which Stone depends gives a writer like me the perfect opportunity to explore the endless opportunities for strangeness and spectacle that happen when you tip an entire world on its side!”

Graham Edwards


  • “A superior work of fantasy” – SFX
  • “This is not another collection of fantasy clichés, but something rich and strange” – LineOne
  • “A world as coherent as McCaffrey’s Pern yet as relevant to the reader’s own view of the universe as John Crowley’s ‘Aegypt’ series. Edwards is a very significant writer in this respect” – Fantastic Fiction

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About Graham Edwards

Graham Edwards is the critically acclaimed author of over 20 fantasy and crime novels, including Dragoncharm, String City, Talus and the Frozen King, and the epic Stone trilogy. Following a career as an illustrator, animator and graphic designer, Graham worked for many years as senior staff writer at Cinefex, the legendary journal of cinematic illusions, where he wrote behind-the-scenes articles on major motion pictures.

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