Graham EdwardsGraham Edwards was born in England near Glastonbury Tor and now lives in Nottingham (it wasn’t such a big leap from King Arthur to Robin Hood). His formative years were spent on England’s Jurassic Coast making disturbing Super-8 films. And drawing spaceships. And writing. Art college in London led to a career as a graphic designer and animator. He’s also worked as a scriptwriter and multimedia producer for theme parks and visitor centres.

Graham’s first novel Dragoncharm was directly inspired by Watership Down. If Richard Adams could write an epic adventure about rabbits, why not do the same for dragons? Dragoncharm and its sequels all received nominations for Best Novel in the British Fantasy Awards. Later novels include Stone & Sky – in which Graham explores the dizzying heights of a world-sized wall, travels in time and plays with fairies – and the neolithic detective novel Talus and the Frozen King.

Graham’s short fiction has been published in US magazines and collected for various anthologies. One of the stories – Girl in Pieces – made the longlist for the Nebula Awards. The String City Mysteries, a series of novelettes about a hard-boiled detective who just happens to work in a parallel dimension, is currently available as a set of ebooks. He’s also written a number of novels in collaboration with series editorial teams. These are under pseudonym, so there’s a chance you’ve read one of his books without even realising it.

Graham is currently employed as senior staff writer at Cinefex magazine, the journal of cinematic illusions, where he researches and writes in-depth articles about motion picture visual effects.

Graham Edwards Bibliography


  • Dragoncharm (1995, UK – HarperCollins-Voyager, USA – HarperPrism, Germany – Bastei-Lubbe, Hungary – Beholder)
  • Dragonstorm (1996, UK – HarperCollins-Voyager)
  • Dragonflame (1997, UK – HarperCollins-Voyager)
  • Stone & Sky (1999, UK – HarperCollins-Voyager)
  • Stone & Sea (2000, UK – HarperCollins-Voyager)
  • Stone & Sun (2001, UK – HarperCollins-Voyager)
  • Runaway Minister (2008, UK – Black Star Crime, writing as Nick Curtis)
  • Close Enemies (2009, UK – Black Star Crime, writing as Nick Curtis)
  • Talus and the Frozen King (2014, UK – Solaris)
  • Crown of Three (2015, US – Aladdin, writing as J.D. Rinehart)
  • The Lost Realm (2016, US – Aladdin, writing as J.D. Rinehart)
  • A Kingdom Rises (2017, US – Aladdin, writing as J.D. Rinehart)

In addition, Graham has ghostwritten a number of novels both for adults and children.

Short Fiction

  • Riding the Drop (2009, Jim Baen’s Universe, 2009)
  • The Wooden Baby (2011, 40k Books; first published in Realms of Fantasy, 2005)
  • Dead Wolf in a Hat (2011, 40k Books; first published in Realms of Fantasy, 2005; also anthologised in The Dragon Done It, ed. Eric Flint & Mike Resnick, Baen Books)
  • Syren (2012, 40k Books; first published in Realms of Fantasy, 2007)
  • Still Point (2012, 40k Books; first published in Realms of Fantasy, 2007)
  • Girl in Pieces (2012, 40k Books; first published in Realms of Fantasy, 2008; also anthologised in The Best Horror of the Year 1, ed. Ellen Datlow, Nightshade Books)
  • The Dame Don’t Whimper (2012, 40k Books, 2012)
  • Lifestrings of the Loving Couple (2012, 40k Books)
  • A Night to Forget (2013, The Alchemy Press Book of Urban Mythic ed. Jan Edwards, Jenny Barber)

Journalism (Motion Pictures)

  • Formula For Fire – Rush (2014, Cinefex 136)
  • Explosive Cocktail – Spectre (2016, Cinefex 145)
  • Smart-Mouthed Glory – Deadpool (2016, Cinefex 146)
  • History in the Making – Hail, Caesar! (2016, Cinefex 146)
  • Apocalypse Rising – X-Men: Apocalypse (2016, Cinefex 147)
  • Acts of War – Warcraft (2016, Cinefex 148)
  • Cosmic Deconstruction – Star Trek Beyond (2016, Cinefex 148)
  • Quick the Eye, Steady the Hand – Ben-Hur (2016, Cinefex 149)
  • One Moment of Pure Wonder – Approaching the Unknown (2016, Cinefex 149)
  • Persistence of Vision – Arrival (2016, Cinefex 150)
  • Love in a Dangerous Time – Allied (2016, Cinefex 150)
  • The Dreamsmiths Unleashed – Virtual Reality (2017, Cinefex 151)
  • A Lonely God – Kong: Skull Island (2017, Cinefex 152)
  • Blood Father – Logan (2017, Cinefex 152)
  • Life in the Fast Lane – The Fate of the Furious (2017, Cinefex 153)
  • Dark Materials – Alien: Covenant (2017, Cinefex 153)
  • Symphony of Color – Valerian and the City of a Thousand Planets (2017, Cinefex 154)
  • Spirit of the Ocean – Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Men Tell No Tales (2017, Cinefex 154)
  • Gunslinger – The Dark Tower (2017, Cinefex 155)
  • Team Thor – Thor: Ragnarok (2017, Cinefex 156)
  • The Patron Saint of Otherness – The Shape of Water (2017, Cinefex 156)
  • Afrofuture – Black Panther (2018, Cinefex 158)
  • The Marvel Effect (2018, Cinefex 158)
Storylines and Scripts for Visitor Attractions
  • Nemesis Sub-Terra – Alton Towers, UK (script)
  • Shark Academy – Sea Life Centre, Disneyland Paris, France (script)
  • Excalibur: A Dragon’s Tale – Drayton Manor Park, UK (concept, story, script)
  • Stormforce 10 – Drayton Manor Park, UK (script)
  • Beneath the Loch – Loch Lomond Shores, UK (concept, story, script)
  • Apollo 3000 – Earth Explorer, Belgium (story, script)
For a more detailed look at Graham’s writing career to date, check out these blog posts:

Finally, if you’re really brave, you can delve into Graham’s steadily expanding collection of Undead Manuscripts – half-buried writing projects that may one day rise again. Be warned. Some of them bite.

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