Dragonstorm by Graham Edwards

Dragonstorm by Graham Edwards, the sequel to the bestselling Dragoncharm, opens in a time of chaos. The world is shedding the charm by which it was once ruled. Fortune and his friends mount a desperate rescue mission to rescue the dragons trapped at Aether’s Cross while around them what remains of the charm is gathered together by the basilisks. These immortal creatures are planning one last great wielding of charm, and it is not certain that the turned world will survive it.

But neither Fortune nor the basilisks have reckoned on the mysterious dragon Archan. She wants the basilisks’ immortality for herself and she will stop at nothing to ensure that she lives forever. The world has turned, but it has not yet come to rest. The storm is coming.

Fortune’s story continues in Dragonflame.

  • Dragonstorm was nominated for Best Novel in the 1996 British Fantasy Society Awards.

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The story behind Dragonstorm

I wrote Dragoncharm as a one-off; I’d never planned on a follow-up. But the publishing deal I struck with Voyager was for two books. I pitched in six chapters of a manuscript called The Wall, which never got off the ground (although elements from it eventually made their way into Stone & Sky). Instead we agreed I would write a direct sequel to Dragoncharm.

In planning the sequel, I discovered I’d got more story to tell than would fit in a single book, so Dragonstorm and Dragonflame were conceived together. At the same time, I was adamant the three dragon books should stand alone as far as possible (I wanted to avoid that second-book-of-a-trilogy-that-leaves-you-on-a-cliffhanger thing).

This was the first time I’d ever written a sequel. In many ways it felt harder than starting my first novel. I knew where I wanted to journey, but the door was closed and I just couldn’t get the damn thing open, try as I might. In desperation, I wrote a prologue from the point of view of the immortal basilisk Ocher. To my delight, that did the trick and unlocked the door.

Then, when a blind, white dragon called Archan muscled unexpectedly into the narrative, all my careful planning went to pieces and the story developed a life of its own. That’s when things got really interesting.

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7 thoughts on “Dragonstorm

    1. Hi Annette. Thanks for your comment. I’m delighted you enjoyed the dragon books. If you’re looking for something new, my fantasy novelettes ‘The String City Mysteries’ are available as ebooks. No dragons in them though!

  1. Hi Graham,

    I read Dragonstorm many years back when I was growing up (weirdly, not the first or third books) and I loved it. I’ve really struggled to find books that I can just read and enjoy over the years as I’m not much of a reader really, but this one stayed with me. Unfortunately, I had forgotten the name of the book, and only remembered a couple of details, like basilisks and the dragon called Vox – I threw all of this into google and it brought up the wikipedia page. And here I am. I ordered the book on Amazon, although it was from a reseller – I’ll certainly pick up one of your newer titles as well though.

    Anyway, rambling aside, I just wanted to thank you for writing it. I’ll read the first and third now too!

    1. Thanks for that, Chris. It’s good to know Dragonstorm works as a standalone (I tried to keep it that way, despite it being part of a series). I’m delighted you’ve rediscovered it and hope you enjoy the others too.

  2. Mr. Edwards I was fortunate to come across dragoncharm in my school library when I was a child, it yet remains a part of my personal library as I saw fit to pay the alarming library fee for it rather than to part with it. I had been reading it to my eldest son, now 7 years old, only to recently discover you have made a series following it! I have looked all over the internet for an ebook of your novels however have has no success. How might I go about acquiring them?

    1. Hi Stefano – it’s great to hear you’re a Dragoncharm fan. I’m afraid there are no ebooks available, but you can usually find used paperback copies online. Oh, and I promise I won’t rat on you to the library police 😉

      1. Since making my earlier comment, I’ve republished “Dragoncharm” and “Dragonstorm” in new ebook and paperback editions, with “Dragonflame” following close behind.

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