Catacombia: Grimorga Awakens (writing as R.L. Ferguson)

Catacombia Book 2 by Graham Edwards, writing as R.L. Ferguson.

Deep underground lies an ancient city of wonder and magic: Catacombia. But a dark secret lies slumbering in this subterranean realm, for the power-hungry demon Grimorga is seeking to rule the hidden city for herself.

Seeking to subjugate the Catacombians, Grimorga has hatched a diabolical plan, and there is only one person who can stand against her – thirteen-year-old Sam. Together with his girlfriend, Ella, he makes his stand against the followers of Grimorga. But those loyal to the demon will do everything in their power to see their queen rise …

Published in German translation by Ravensburger, Catacombia: Grimorga Awakens is the second instalment in a fantasy trilogy for younger readers, written by Graham Edwards under the pseudonym R.L. Ferguson.