Dragonflame cover art by Geoff TaylorDragonflame by Graham Edwards finds Fortune’s daughter Aria in the thrall of the sinister Cult of the Last Circle. Under the guidance of its evil leader Scarn, she learns to worship the Flame and renounce the dragon gift of flight. Meanwhile, wingless dragon Wyrm sets out across the world to seek the answer to the riddle of the Last Circle itself – and his own uncertain destiny.

But a new day is coming, the long-awaited day of creation, in which what’s left of the world’s charm is finally to be swept away. Caught up in the death throes of magic are Fortune, Wyrm and the very last survivors of the dragon race. What place can there be for dragons in a world that no longer wants them?

  • Dragonflame was nominated for Best Novel in the 1997 British Fantasy Society Awards.

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The story behind Dragonflame

Dragonflame was always designed to be the rip-roaring conclusion to what had become – to my genuine surprise – a fantasy trilogy. I wanted exotic landscapes, world-spanning journeys, plenty of heartache and, of course, a great big battle at the end.

At the same time, having diligently created a place for dragons and charm in the real prehistory of our own world, I knew I couldn’t skirt round the thorny question of why there aren’t any dragons around today. Does Dragonflame provide the solution to that puzzle? You’ll have to read the book and decide for yourself. What I will say is that Dragonflame contains some fairly hefty clues about the final fate of the dragons, and what happened to the world when the charm went away.

Related directly to this, Dragonflame contains one of my favourite scenes from all the dragon books I’ve written. In it, a young dragon called Wyrm comes face to face with the primitive, cave-dwelling bipeds who will one day supercede dragons as the dominant species on the planet …

While writing Dragonflame, I was also striking a deal with Voyager for a further three fantasy novels. While I wanted to draw a line under the dragon books, I realised there was a way to take Archan’s story off in an interesting new direction. This I did in my next book, Stone & Sky. To create a connection between the two trilogies, I reverse-engineered a new sub-plot into Dragonflame, allowing me to transport two of its characters into the strange, vertical wall-world of Amara, the setting for Stone & Sky and its two sequels.

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  1. i personaly think thease books are awesome & i thank you for writing them i’m an oldy but i love dragons

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