The Lost Realm (writing as J.D. Rinehart)

The Lost Realm by J.D. Rinehart

The kingdom of Toronia is being torn apart by civil war. The only hope comes in the form of illegitimate triplets, who are prophesied to kill the king and rule together in peace. Separated at birth and scattered throughout the realms, the triplets face a desperate fight to secure their destiny. Will they survive long enough to rule?

The resurrected King Brutan and his army of the dead control the city of Idilliam. Outside, Elodie and Tarlan are trying to hold their own army together and find a way to rescue their brother Gulph who is trapped inside the city. Or is he? Gulph has found a passageway to the lost realm of Celestis, which lies beneath Idilliam. Meanwhile, Tarlan and the wizard Melchior set out on a quest to restore the wizard’s powers, leaving Elodie and her army to keep watch. But Elodie is betrayed, her troops slaughtered, and she is taken captive by Lord Vicerin, her former guardian, who is determined to use her to get to the throne.

Seemingly further from the throne than ever, the triplets will need to use all of their strength and abilities if they are to survive—let alone rule.

  • With a complicated mix of politics, interweaving plotlines, and a heavy (and quite gruesome) body count, [Crown of Three] reads like Game of Thrones on a mellow day – Publishers Weekly

The Lost Realm is the second instalment in the Crown of Three fantasy trilogy for younger readers, written by Graham Edwards under the pseudonym J.D. Rinehart and published in the US by Simon & Schuster. The story continues in A Kingdom Rises.