>Talisman and Dome

>My appreciation of Stephen King started with the 1979 TV version of Salem’s Lot, which had us all talking in the school playground about how we hadn’t slept a wink after watching David Soul go up against Mr Barlow. After that initiation, my first reading experience wasn’t that great. As a teenager I borrowed Pet Sematary from a friend and thought it was all a bit overblown up to the point where the resurrected kid gets hold of the scalpel. Then, at the age of eighteen, I read The Talisman …

I read The Talisman at lightspeed, consuming the entire second half in a single sitting one wet Sunday afternoon. Jack Sawyer’s adventures just blew me away. Years later I loved the sequel Black House nearly as much, for entirely different reasons. I’m not here to review these books, only to tell you to read them, and to say how great the new comic adaptation of The Talisman looks. (I have a particular interest in this as it’s drawn by Tony Shasteen, who produced a couple of awesome illustrations for two short stories of mine.)

Since then I’ve visited Castle Rock and Derry on a regular basis. I’ve trekked through Mid-World with Roland and his buddies. I’m a true fan. When Mr King writes his introductions dedicated to his Constant Reader, I know he’s talking to me. So am I excited about his new novel Under the Dome being published next month? You bet your boots!

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