Refreshing The Dragons of Bloodrock

The Dragons of Bloodrock by Graham Edwards

Refreshments anyone? I’ve just updated the cover and contents of my fantasy novel The Dragons of Bloodrock, which I self-published in 2020.

First edition cover artwork for "The Dragons of Bloodrock" by Graham Edwards

So, what’s new? Well, I’ve made a few small tweaks to the cover, pumping up the colours on the illustration and updating the title layout to bring it in line with Dragoncharm and my other dragon books. The alterations are minimal, as you’ll see from the inset picture showing the original artwork, but I’m delighted with the improvement.

The text itself is completely unchanged, although I’ve taken the opportunity to update the bibliography and reformatted the ebook to match the design of my more recent self-published volumes. If you already own the Kindle edition, everything should update automatically as the changes come online.

If you’re not familiar with the novel, The Dragons of Bloodrock is set in a mythical prehistory before humans walked the Earth, when dragons ruled the skies. If you’ve read Dragoncharm, you’ll already be familiar with this world. If you haven’t, fear not. Set some fifty years before my previous dragon novels, The Dragons of Bloodrock is in many ways the perfect place to begin your journey. Here’s the blurb:

“Do you swear to do all in your power to see that the world to whose skin we cling will now and forever turn true?”

Long ago, the citadel of Bloodrock fell. Now the dragons of Bloodrock are scattered across the desert and the mysteries of the past have been forgotten. But nothing lies hidden forever.

When cruel Viscero brings terror to the land, Abalone — the last member of a knightly order known as the Peregrines — vows to bring the ruthless dragon to justice. To do this, he must first unravel the secret history of Bloodrock.

As past and present overlap, Abalone and his new-found companions embark on an extraordinary journey in which every choice they make could affect the future of the entire dragon world.

3 thoughts on “Refreshing The Dragons of Bloodrock

    1. I do hope to continue the series … one day! Currently the plans are buried deep in my “to-do” pile. With luck they’ll make their way to the top at some point.

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