Work in progress – The Frozen King

NotebookTime for a quick update. I’ve recently passed the halfway mark on the MS for a new novel. Working title is The Frozen King. The first half has already found its way on to the desk of a rather splendid editor, so I’m in the unusual position of ploughing through the second half while anxiously awaiting feedback on the first.

In this case, halfway’s proved a bit of a tipping point. At its heart, this book is a murder mystery. So, by the end, everything’s got to add up. Now, I’ve plotted it fairly tightly, but the tiresome business of actually writing the thing has inevitably sent me a little off-course. Which is fine. I’ve also been spontanteously planting all kinds of unanticipated seeds throughout the narrative with only the vaguest idea about what they’re going to sprout into. Which is equally fine.

Anyway, this week I’ve taken stock. A healthy re-read has helped me perform an even healthier re-plot. In reality, only a little has changed, but I now have a better idea of where I’m going. The threads that were in danger of unraveling are tied nice and tight. Best of all, I know where all the bodies are buried.

I also know whodunnit. But you don’t think I’m going to tell you that, do you?

4 thoughts on “Work in progress – The Frozen King

  1. Good for you!! That’s awesome. Hope that picture of the notebook is actually where you’re writing. That would be even more stellar.

    1. Thanks, Cassie. The notebook is indeed one of my outlining books (zoom in for an insight into my general state of mind – or don’t!) but the MS itself is a new-fangled Scrivener project.

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