A New Look for Dragoncharm

Dragoncharm by Graham Edwards

What better way to celebrate the New Year than with a new book cover?

Back in 2016, twenty-one years after its first publication in 1995 by HarperCollins, I reissued my first fantasy novel Dragoncharm as a self-published edition with revised text and a brand new cover. Now I’ve repackaged the novel with an updated cover.

So what’s changed? First, I’ve simplified the illustration to improve standout at thumbnail-size on Amazon. I’ve also split the title across two lines, a simple alteration that not only improves legibility but also honours my original intentions for the book.

Dragoncharm by Graham Edwards - original HarperCollins paperback edition
The original HarperCollins paperback of Dragoncharm, cover illustration by Geoff Taylor.

When I submitted the manuscript to HarperCollins all those years ago, the title of the novel was The Turning of the World. My editors Jane Johnson and Joy Chamberlain wisely convinced me to change it to something snappier that inclded the word ‘dragon.’ For a long time the book was called Dragon Heart, but since there was a film in production at the time with the same title we ended up reverting to my original working title, Dragon Charm (sic). As the book design progressed, the two words merged into one and the novel became, once and for all, Dragoncharm. That’s still the title, of course, but I’m pleased that the new look gives a little nod to all that early development.

Oh, there’s one more reason for the change. I’m currently working on a new self-published edition of Dragonstorm, the sequel to Dragoncharm. I plan to release it later this year in paperback and for Kindle, with the final book of the trilogy, Dragonflame, following along afterwards. The new-look Dragoncharm establishes the design template I’ll follow with the other two books, and I can’t wait to bring the new covers to fruition.

Stay tuned to my blog for progress reports on the new editions. In the meantime you can buy Dragoncharm from Amazon worldwide. Here are links to the UK editions:

5 thoughts on “A New Look for Dragoncharm

  1. I happen to notice the cover change last week on my kindle and have excitedly been awaiting your news regarding the sequels as I thought they would be coming very soon! Can’t wait to read them again on my kindle.

    1. Hi Louise – glad to hear the new cover has found its way through to your Kindle, and thanks for reading! I hope to have “Dragonstorm” out by the summer, and “Dragonflame” ready to roll at the end of the year.

  2. Homg yes!
    This series has always been one of my greatest treasures. ♡
    I will admit my ocd wants to know if the dragoncharm cover changes are that different… because I brought it and dragons of Bloodrock for my birthday (June) last yr.

    Do I really need 3 copies of the ultimate Dragon Saga book one…

    1. Hi Christina. Thanks for reading – it’s always great to hear from a Dragoncharm fan! The latest change really is just the cover – the contents are exactly the same. If you’ve got a copy of the earlier self-published edition, you’ll be able to compare it to the new cover shown at the top of this page.

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