Catacombia and Alyxa Delivery

Catacombia and School of Alyxa by Graham Edwards (writing as R.L. Ferguson)

My author copies of Catacombia and book 3 of the School of Alyxa trilogy arrived in the mail today, both written under the pseudonym R.L. Ferguson, and published in German translation by Ravensburger. Love these covers!


After falling through a shaft in the middle of the night, 13-year-old Sam suddenly finds himself deep beneath the surface of the earth. Here he discovers Catacombia, a city both ancient and modern, filled with wonder, magic and puzzles. The deeper Sam delves into the secrets of Catacombia, the more questions he is forced to ask. Why do the inhabitants secretly whisper the name Grimorga? What lies behind the council’s plans to direct the fortunes of the underground city? And can Sam stop the mysterious cult that wants to destroy everything that Catacombia stands for?

School of Alyxa

Superhuman kids, a missing girl and a thousand-year-old mystery. The adventure begins when Finn and his older brother, John, are ripped from their normal lives and sent to Alyxa, an island school that doesn’t appear on any map. As the unusual lessons at Alyxa begin, the brothers learn about their extraordinary abilities, but nothing can prepare them for the perils to come. To conquer their fears, they must master their senses, which are far more powerful than they had ever imagined.

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