Talus is coming

My new novel Talus and the Frozen King will be published by Solaris Books in March 2014. Long time to wait, huh? Yes and no. There's plenty of work to do between now and then so I'm sure the time will just fly by. It's the kind of grunty publishing toil that normally goes on … Continue reading Talus is coming

Book deal news

I'm thrilled to announce I've just signed up with Solaris Books, leading UK publisher of science fiction, fantasy and horror fiction, to publish my new novel Talus and the Frozen King. The deal was agented by Dot Lumley of the Dorian Literary Agency. What's that? You want to know what the novel's about? Oh, if … Continue reading Book deal news

Revisiting Cinefex (23): Explorers, Lifeforce, My Science Project

Cinefex issue #23 examines no less than three movies but, as far as the cover pictures go, the star of this particular show is Explorers, Joe Dante's 1985 slice of family-friendly science fiction. Up front is a hero shot of the rather funky-looking spaceship operated by whimsical aliens Wak and Neek. Look closely and you'll … Continue reading Revisiting Cinefex (23): Explorers, Lifeforce, My Science Project

The many lives of a writer – 4

Most people are like cats – they live not just one life, but many. Writers are no exception. Here's what happened when my fourth writing life got underway. Life 4 - Phantom fiction Sometime in the middle of 2007, my agent Dot Lumley asked me if I fancied writing a crime novel for a book packager. Somewhat … Continue reading The many lives of a writer – 4

Crime, fantasy or both?

My wife tells me I've been in a funny mood this week. Slow as I am on the uptake, I've only just realised why. I'm in that strange writer's limbo called floundering between manuscripts. As a result, my small human brain has been slowly shedding the last project and trying on the next (a process … Continue reading Crime, fantasy or both?

The Wooden Baby

Dang, but things move fast these days. No sooner do I update the blog to trail The Wooden Baby than I have to write another post to announce its publication. With that in mind, I'll keep this short and simply direct you to the page that tells you all about my new ebook, a short … Continue reading The Wooden Baby