Castellia — New Novelette in The Magazine of Fantasy & Science Fiction

Castellia by Graham Edwards
The Magazine of Fantasy & Science Fiction - Nov/Dec 2021

I’m thrilled to have my latest piece of short fiction Castellia published in the November/December 2021 issue of The Magazine of Fantasy & Science Fiction. My heartfelt thanks go to editor Sheree Renée Thomas, who chose the novelette for inclusion in this latest edition of the legendary bi-monthly magazine.

The story grew from seeds sown during countless day trips visiting England’s many ancient monuments. Specifically, its castles. From the 11th century ruins of Corfe Castle (a favourite family destination when I was a boy) to Northumberland’s spectacular Alnwick Castle (familiar to fans of the Harry Potter films), there’s more castles here than you can shake a stick at, and every one of them has a story to tell.

Inspired by such visits, Castellia sprang from a simple thought: what if one of these castles was capable of telling its own story?

What if one of these castles was alive?

“The character work is lonely and wonderful, the world building magical and stark, and the piece opens a room for hope through hardship and endurance and loss, finds strength in trust and community, and makes for a great read!”

Quick Sip Reviews

“Imaginative fantasy with a great ending.”


Check out the Castellia teaser trailer below:

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