Chronicles of the Vagabond

Chronicles of the VagabondChronicles of the Vagabond is a real curiosity. It’s a science fiction comic I wrote and illustrated when I was an art student way back in 1985. The story’s about the crew of a survey spaceship that’s wandered way off course. After rather too long in deep space, they’ve started to go a little stir crazy.

Actually, the story was part of a bigger project called Colossus, a comic strip magazine I published with my friend Andy Wicks. We wrote and drew it in the scuzzy flat we rented in Kilburn, stumped up enough cash to get it printed and flogged it wherever we could, including over the counter at Forbidden Planet, which in those days consisted of two tiny stores just off Tottenham Court Road. If you were hanging around the Comic Mart in London’s Central Hall that year you might have seen us with our squad of pretty salesgirls and an able assistant called James Wallis (yes, the same guy who went on to become one of the UK’s top gaming gurus. If you ever bought James’s zine Sound & Fury, I drew some of the covers and illustrated his Judge Dredd lampoon).

Amazingly, we sold all the copies and broke even. And never got round to creating issue two. Ah well. Read it, enjoy it … and go easy on all its many faults. Go easy on me too. I really was very young.

Download Chronicles of the Vagabond by Graham Edwards (PDF)

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