Runaway Minister (writing as Nick Curtis)

Runaway Minister

Situation: Code Red

The Assassin: If all goes to plan, Hazbi Dunja will die slowly, in agony, away from the world. His pretty female aide will be an added bonus – and revenge will have been worth waiting for.

The Assignment: Charlie Paddon and his straight-talking partner, Alex Chappell are the Diplomatic Protection Unit’s best. They must escort Dunja – the Croatian foreign minister – safely to London.

Only the moment his plane touches on British soil, the minister vanishes. The race is on – and the clock is ticking …

  • “Fast, furious … a breathtaking read” –
  • “Nick Curtis writes a fast-paced police procedural with strong cast of characters … this is one for all the Spooks fans out there” –

The story behind Runaway Minister

Runaway Minister was a first for me in many ways. It’s my first crime novel, and the first book I’ve had published under the pseudonym Nick Curtis. It’s also the first novel I’ve written in collaboration with book packagers Working Partners.

The collaborative process works like this: the editorial team at Working Partners create the characters and plot, then supply me with a detailed synopsis and a punishing deadline. Working from their skeleton, it’s up to me to add the flesh, to make the story live and breathe. Most obviously, that means putting 65,000 words down on the page, but it also means creating secondary characters, plausible motivation for plot-driven action and adding all the detailed set dressing that turns an outline into a novel.

I had a ball working with the team at Working Partners. Adding to the excitement was the knowledge that Runaway Minister would be one of the launch titles for a complete new genre imprint – Black Star Crime.

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