The String City Mysteries

The String City MysteriesThe String City Mysteries follow the case files of a wise-cracking private detective, and are rooted firmly in the hard-boiled noir tradition. The difference is, our hero is plying his trade in a peculiar city where all the dimensions are crushed together and almost anything can – and frequently does – happen.

In String City, everything runs on an unhealthy mixture of minced Greek myth and cosmic geometry. There are law-abiding zombies and hat-wearing werewolves, seductive syrens and fallen angels. The crime lords are Titans and you don’t want to know what’s lurking down in the sewers. But, if you like your detective stories on the weird side, this series is right up your dimension.

The String City Mysteries are published by 40k Books, and are available as ebooks through Amazon, iTunes and Barnes & Noble. Click on the covers to learn more about each story, read extracts, and buy copies.

The Wooden Baby by Graham Edwards
Dead Wolf in a Hat by Graham EdwardsSyren by Graham EdwardsStill Point by Graham Edwards

Girl in Pieces by Graham EdwardsThe Dame Don't Whimper by Graham EdwardsLifestrings of the Loving Couple by Graham Edwards