>Mystery Women and Black Star Crime

>Mystery Women magazine has published a nice review by Radmila May of the entire launch selection from Black Star Crime, the short-lived crime imprint created by Harlequin last year. The six titles are:

A Narrow Escape by Faith Martin
Double Cross by Tracy Gilpin
Murder Plot by Lance Elliott
Lost and Found by Vivian Roberts
Runaway Minister by Nick Curtis
Tuscan Termination by Margaret Moore

Why am I telling you this? Partly because you can now get them all as ebooks for Amazon’s Kindle. And partly because I am Nick Curtis. You can find out more about Runaway Minister, and how I came to ghost it under a pseudonym, on my website here.

Radmila calls Runaway Minister a “fast-paced, well-written thriller, with lively, sharp dialogue.” To my delight (and genuine surprise), Radmila also picked it out as her favourite of the six books. I say download the lot and make your own mind up.

What do you think?

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