Ten reasons for writing

NotebookThe list below was intended to be a kind of antidote to my recent Ten Reasons Not To Write. But it’s turned out to be rather more than that.

My Ten Reasons For Writing not only outlines the various stimuli that motivate the average writer, but also offers useful clues about which particular genre said writer is best suited to. I’ve compiled the list using the very latest scientific and statistical techniques, and I’m confident of its value as a tool to all writers large and small. I cannot, however, be held responsible for any injuries sustained while using it.

  1. I write because it transports me to another world – Science Fiction
  2. I write because I love it when the prose wraps me up in its strong muscular arms – Romance
  3. I write because the words are worms in my head and if I don’t let them out they will eat up my brain from the inside with their tiny whirring teeth – Horror
  4. I write because it makes me laugh – Comedy
  5. I write because I want to win a major award and sell up to ten copies of my book in hardback – Literary Fiction
  6. I write because I want to find out whodunnit – Crime
  7. I write because the voices tell me to – Psychological Thriller
  8. I write because I like putting my characters in jeopardy and seeing how they escape – Adventure
  9. I write because … wait, I’ll tell you in a minute – Suspense
  10. I write because I want to sell millions and make lots and lots of money – Fantasy

The only trouble is, I have a nagging feeling this list is incomplete. If any of you lovely people want to add to it, feel free. Just remember I’ve already reserved a spot for one I missed. And which happens to be the best reason of all: write because you can’t stop.

5 thoughts on “Ten reasons for writing

  1. Nice post 🙂 I’d count my current book (which you can read on my blog) as comedy sci-fi fantasy, and have to say that your three reasons so work (although I’m realistic on the fantasy one and won’t be giving up the day job any time soon!)

    Does this mean that it’s not only me that laughs at my own jokes then?! Phew!

    1. Fair point, Don. How about:

      11. I write because I just want to get the facts, ma’am – Journalism
      12. I write because the past is built on sand and I want to make notes before the tide washes it away – Historian
      13. I write because I like dressing up as other people – Biography

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