Free fiction download – Monajjfyllena

MonajjfyllenaThree years ago, I set up my first blog. Only it wasn’t me blogging, it was a fictional character. A dragon, in fact. Her name was Monajjfyllena (I’ll tell you how I came by that tongue-twister another time).

The blog was actually an experiment in online fiction, an attempt to write a fantasy story, narrated by a dragon, in real time. I challenged myself to write an entry every day, letting Mona’s story unfold freeform and unplanned. It was scary, seat-of-the-pants stuff, and when I got to the end I breathed a big sigh of relief.

Did the experiment work? Well, by and large I’m happy with the result. It has a wistful quality that I hadn’t anticipated, and an everything-comes-full-circle ending that belies the fact I was literally making the thing up as I went along. It’s connected – by the loosest of threads – to my Dragoncharm novels. If you’re a fan, I hope you have fun joining the dots.

I stopped updating the Monajjfyllena blog once I’d finished the story. The original site’s still live – if you’re interested, you can visit it by clicking here. I’m aware, however, that it’s rather tricky to follow the story as a series of archived blog posts, which is why I’ve decided to collect the whole thing together and publish it here as a free download in PDF format.

Monajjfyllena is published under a Creative Commons licence, which means you’re free to download and share it for non-commercial purposes.

What do you think?

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