Ten Reasons to Write Science Fiction

Ten Reasons To Write Science Fiction“Why do you write science fiction?”

It’s a fair question, only slightly complicated by the fact that personally I tend to write more fantasy than SF, but if I go down that road I run the risk of getting sidetracked into the endless debate about what the difference actually is between science fiction and fantasy, which is only marginally less tedious than all the other equally pointless discussions in the world including whether computer generated monsters are better than animatronic ones, whether boiled eggs should be cracked at the blunt end or the pointy one, how many roads a man must walk down and whether Han really did shoot first.

All of which is a largely pointless preamble to the main reason I’d like you to read this list, which is because I don’t think ten reasons to write science fiction are nearly enough and I’d really like someone to add some more. So here we go:

I write science fiction because …

  1. … it’s the only thing left to do in this bleak, forsaken world (Post Apocalypse)
  2. … the implant in my skull compels me to (Cyberpunk)
  3. … my mind is already out there among the stars (Space Opera)
  4. … I’m kinky about rubber corsets and engine oil (Steampunk)
  5. … how else will I get to blow up a planet? (Military)
  6. … hidden in my manuscripts are coded messages we can use to turn the bastards’ technology against them (Alien Invasion)
  7. … my future self needs something to read (Time Travel)
  8. … it beats fighting six-legged monsters bare-chested in a dusty arena armed only with a broken sword while hordes of green alien warriors cheer lustily for my blood (Pulp)
  9. … I’m programmed to make you suffer (Evil Computer)
  10. … the other me can’t be bothered (Parallel Universe)

That’s all I’ve got. Over to you …

3 thoughts on “Ten Reasons to Write Science Fiction

  1. 11. … because I wish to rise above all the ten cliches already mentioned, and try to depict a future where things — even if gradually and in unexpected ways — are changing for the better (Things SF is *not* doing).

    I know: the above list was tongue-in-cheek. This one is brain-in-despair…;-)

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