Ghostwriter Diaries 06

NotebookThe clock is ticking. As of today, I’m in possession of the final storyline for the novel I’ll be ghostwriting over the coming months. Contracts have been signed and exchanged, committing me to final manuscript delivery in the middle of April 2014. The timescale’s so tight I’ve agreed with my client to serve up the MS in several instalments – this will help ease their editing schedule. No doubt it will also result in a complex and accelerating game of manuscript tennis, with edits on the early sections flying back at me while I’m still composing the later ones.

For now, only questions remain. Will I make a start before Christmas, or burn up precious holiday writing time drinking mulled wine and eating roasted nuts? Is it a requirement for a ghostwriter to wear a white sheet and go “woooo-oo-oo” whilst working? When I finally reach the end, will I still be sane?

For the answers to all these questions and more, stay tuned!

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