Urban Mythic – review

There’s a nice review of The Alchemy Press Book of Urban Mythic on Mieneke van der Salm’s blog A Fantastical Librarian. I’m honoured to have my story A Night To Forget picked out as one of the reviewer’s favourites:

A Night to Forget is a curious story of a young woman who is still dealing with the consequences of an acid assault and after a number of years finally learns the truth about what happens that night. It asks the question whether sometimes it is better … to forget or remember certain facts, especially if they are painful … I like the emotional overtones of the story and there was a twist I hadn’t seen coming.

I was doubly pleased to see Jonathan Oliver’s White Horse on the top five list. As well as being a gifted writer, Jon also happens to be my editor at Solaris Books. Go Jon!

What do you think?

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