“Talus” Review Roundup – 1

Talus and the Frozen King UK CoverAlthough the official publication date of Talus and the Frozen King is still a few weeks off, it’s just started picking up its first reviews from the blogosphere. Here’s a roundup from this week.

Drunken Dragon Reviews

There are three things about this book that I absolutely loved. The first is the attentiveness to detail and creativity of the worldbuilding … The second is Edwards’ writing … It made for a fast, gripping story that proved impossible to put down … Finally, there’s the use of the Sherlock-Watson dynamic. Definitely one of the best cases I’ve ever seen … Highly recommended, and definitely on the shortlist for best books I’ve read this year.

Jay Faulkner’s Musings

Edwards brings a unique character to the world of crime fiction while blending myth, legend, and fantasy into a rich tapestry.


A well written Iron Age Sherlock and Holmes type story.

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