Publishers Weekly Reviews Dragoncharm

Fresh in this week is a brand new Publishers Weekly review of my epic fantasy novel Dragoncharm. Here's an extract: This fantasy adventure about feuding dragon species from Edwards offers well-rounded characters and moments of true excitement ... Edwards hits the ground running with thrilling action scenes and steadily mounting tension. My debut novel, Dragoncharm … Continue reading Publishers Weekly Reviews Dragoncharm

Fire City: End of Days – Now on VOD

Directed by Tom Woodruff Jr., Fire City: End of Days is a genre-bending mix of urban fantasy, horror and detective thriller. Originally crowdfunded via a successful Kickstarter campaign, it's out on VOD today. I reviewed the film earlier this year, under its original title Fire City: The Interpreter of Signs. Here's a brief extract: Fire City: The Interpreter … Continue reading Fire City: End of Days – Now on VOD

Harbinger Down – Film Review

For a sci-fi horror movie set on a frost-covered trawler in the middle of the icy Bering Sea, Harbinger Down positively oozes warmth. A warm respect for its genre. A warm regard for its audience. And a blazing passion for its mission - to prove that old-school practical filmmaking techniques are alive and kicking in this brave new digital world. An unashamedly nostalgic riff … Continue reading Harbinger Down – Film Review

“We Are Stars” – Fulldome Show Review

Scientists like to categorise things. "This is how the universe began," they say, or, "This is how atoms work," or, "Here's how humans developed from their apelike ancestors." But science isn't just studying the individual dots. It's working out how they join up. Because everything is connected. After all, that's what the word "universe" really means: turned into one. This connectivity is … Continue reading “We Are Stars” – Fulldome Show Review

The Bone Clocks – Review

Ever since the publication in 1999 of his first novel, Ghostwritten, author David Mitchell has consistently delighted in playing with narrative structure, such as in his earlier work, Cloud Atlas, in which six centuries-spanning narratives are nested together like matryoshka dolls. Mitchell’s latest novel, The Bone Clocks, is also divided into multiple sections, each with … Continue reading The Bone Clocks – Review

On Cloud Atlas

The Cloud Atlas Journal of Graham Edwards Having unfortunately missed the opportunity to view the kinematographic entertainment appellated Cloud Atlas at my local magic lantern house upon its initial theatrical release, I was most gratified when my dear spouse, Mrs E, graciously presented me with a DVD edition of said motion picture as a Yuletide … Continue reading On Cloud Atlas

Fire City: The Interpreter of Signs – Review

Demons walk among us, feeding off our misery. But we cannot see them. To us, they are ordinary human beings. To them, we are their next square meal. That's the premise of Fire City: The Interpreter of Signs, the feature directorial debut of Tom Woodruff Jr, an Academy Award-winning creature-maker whose track record includes films like Aliens, Predator … Continue reading Fire City: The Interpreter of Signs – Review

Interstellar – Film Review

Make no mistake, Interstellar is a big film. Big ideas, big images, big heart, all driven by the big ambitions of writer/director Christopher Nolan. Interstellar takes what might, in the hands of a lesser filmmaker, have been a too-familiar series of science fiction tropes (doomed Earth, maverick ex-pilot, the perils and wonders of space) and … Continue reading Interstellar – Film Review

“Talus” Review Roundup – 8

Three new reviews for Talus and the Frozen King hit the airwaves this week: Fantasy Literature Talus, with his Holmes-like attributes, is a familiar character: preternaturally observant, highly rational, super deductive, a lover of puzzles, often condescending (though not, it seems, purposely or cruelly so), a sharp taskmaster and teacher, and quite at sea when it comes … Continue reading “Talus” Review Roundup – 8

“Talus” Review Roundup – 7

In the interests of giving you a balanced set of views, I'll kick of this latest roundup with some conflicted comments from Harry Markov at SFSignal: SF Signal I’ve had a maddening experience with Talus and the Frozen King because when Edwards nails it, this book is a page turner. I had no idea who … Continue reading “Talus” Review Roundup – 7