Talus Sneaks into the ALA

I was delighted to discover today that I’ve got an honourable mention on the American Library Association’s list of the year’s best genre fiction for adult readers. While the “Mystery” category was won by Ashley Weaver’s Murder at the Brightwell, you’ll find my neolithic detective novel Talus and the Frozen King sitting proudly in the … Continue reading Talus Sneaks into the ALA

Head, Heart, Blood, Guts

There's something bugging you, isn't there? You're thinking: "That wretched Edwards fellow has been suspiciously quiet about the fiction he's writing lately. Has he found better things to do? Has he run out of ideas? Is he in a coma?" The answers to the above questions, in order, are, "Yes (sort of). No. And no … Continue reading Head, Heart, Blood, Guts

First Draft VS Final – A Comparison

At what point does homage become pastiche? That's the question I came up against when I wrote my neolithic murder mystery Talus and the Frozen King. While the novel is unashamedly inspired by Sir Arthur Conan Doyle's classic stories about Victorian detective Sherlock Holmes, I was determined that my tale of ancient crime and punishment … Continue reading First Draft VS Final – A Comparison

The many lives of a writer – 6

Most people are like cats – they live not just one life, but many. Writers are no exception. Here's the skinny on my sixth writing life. Collaboration I'm not exactly sure when I slipped into my sixth writing life. That's the thing with time. We like to imagine it frozen into neat little chunks, like ice cubes in … Continue reading The many lives of a writer – 6

The Story Behind “Talus and the Frozen King”

Online literary magazine Upcoming4Me has just published my short essay The Story Behind Talus and the Frozen King. The essay provides a glimpse into the thought process I went through while planning my latest novel. Here's how the story begins: “A stone-age Sherlock.” It seemed like a good idea at the time. A cute concept … Continue reading The Story Behind “Talus and the Frozen King”

“Talus” Review Roundup – 8

Three new reviews for Talus and the Frozen King hit the airwaves this week: Fantasy Literature Talus, with his Holmes-like attributes, is a familiar character: preternaturally observant, highly rational, super deductive, a lover of puzzles, often condescending (though not, it seems, purposely or cruelly so), a sharp taskmaster and teacher, and quite at sea when it comes … Continue reading “Talus” Review Roundup – 8

I’m Interviewed by A Fantastical Librarian

I've been interviewed by Mieneke van der Salm, who runs the excellent blog A Fantastical Librarian. Mieneke reviewed my novel Talus and the Frozen King recently, and kindly invited me to take part in one of her Author Queries, as part of a special week in which she's celebrating historical fiction. Here's what I had to say in … Continue reading I’m Interviewed by A Fantastical Librarian

“Talus” Review Roundup – 7

In the interests of giving you a balanced set of views, I'll kick of this latest roundup with some conflicted comments from Harry Markov at SFSignal: SF Signal I’ve had a maddening experience with Talus and the Frozen King because when Edwards nails it, this book is a page turner. I had no idea who … Continue reading “Talus” Review Roundup – 7

Plotting Talus II

It's all right. You're safe to click on the picture. Even though it maps out the plot of my next novel - the sequel to Talus and the Frozen King - I've blurred out most of the detail. So there are no spoilers. Promise. So why show you the picture at all if it's all blurry? Firstly, posting it here on … Continue reading Plotting Talus II

“Talus” Review Roundup – 6

Financial Times – review by James Lovegrove A wonderful mash-up of genres, fusing a proper, well-plotted detective yarn with prehistoric blood and thunder pulp fiction action. Talus, who combines the cerebral prowess of Sherlock Holmes with the physicality of Conan the Barbarian, is a strong, well-rounded character who could easily support a long-running series of adventures. Read … Continue reading “Talus” Review Roundup – 6