Ghostwriter Diaries 21

NotebookSIX DAYS until submission! A better morning this morning, with two chapters edited before descending into the bowels of the day job. In the narrative, the final battle has begun, which means my prose had occasionally strayed away from my main characters’ POVs and adopted a more omniscient, authorial perspective.

It’s an easy trap to fall into when you’re describing complex action, especially when the action’s so cool you just get carried away! Much of this morning’s labourhas therefore been dealing with comments like “this is a bit told” and “can you bring this more into [character name]’s point of view?” It’s satisfying work, as nothing really changes, just gets focused. Anything that enhances character in moments of high action is a good thing.

What else? A general scattering of additional direct thought to embed the POVs more robustly. Yet more clarification of geography (the terrain where the battle occurs has a very particular layout, and it’s important to keep everyone and everything in the right place at the right time). And, despite (or perhaps because of) the sense that time is bleeding rapidly away, one heck of a buzz …

What do you think?

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