Ten Reasons to Write Fantasy

 Thaw“Why don’t you write something normal for a change?” That’s what my wife often says to me after she’s read my latest piece of fiction. It doesn’t mean she doesn’t like what I’ve written – well, not always … It’s just another reminder that one man’s meat is another woman’s poison.

So why bother to write fantasy at all? There are lots of reasons, but here are just ten …

  1. … the wizard’s magic has me in its spell.
  2. … it’s one way to keep the dark lord’s evil minions distracted while I try to find a way out of this damn dungeon.
  3. … although I am human, my eyes are not, and so I see the world differently to you.
  4. … I like dragons.
  5. … the moment I complete my epic tale, King Arthur will once more awaken to reclaim the lost realm of Albion.
  6. … it’s the only thing I can get this wretched enchanted pen to write.
  7. … when the roles of noble warrior, nimble elf and cunning dwarf are already taken, the only part left to play is the humble bard.
  8. … if I fail to spin a fresh yarn every day, the fairies will turn me into a pumpkin.
  9. … only by casting a net of words can I capture the elusive magic, as a spider’s web catches the morning dew.
  10. … it is the prophecy.

Does fantasy have you in its spell? Or are you mainstream to the marrow? Alternatively, are you one of those who believes that all notions of genre belong in the trash barrel?

In short, what does magic mean to you?

What do you think?

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