Apocalypse Rises in Cinefex

Cinefex 147 - X-Men Apocaylpse article by Graham Edwards

The new edition of Cinefex is out, and with June in full swing it’s no surprise that this one’s full of big summer movies. Dominating the cover, and roaring through the pages of Joe’s story on The Jungle Book, is that ferocious feline Shere Khan. Joe also covered Alice Through the Looking Glass, while Jody went into battle with Captain America: Civil War.

My assignment was X-Men: Apocalypse, for which I had the great pleasure of interviewing visual effects designer John Dykstra. Movie fans will know that Mr. Dykstra is one of the grand old men of the business, having led the team that created the effects for the original Star Wars back in 1977. He was charming, erudite and ferociously intelligent, and speaking with him was the icing on a cake mixed from wide-ranging interviews with the teams at MPC, Digital Domain, Rising Sun Pictures and others, plus makeup and prosthetics wizards John Rosengrant, Jose Fernandez and Adrien Morot.

If you like tigers, mutants, superheroes or Victorian time travel, Cinefex 147 is for you.

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