String City – Official Trailer

Buckle up – here’s the official trailer for String City! Animation by me, music by the amazing Pete Riley – thanks, Pete! The novel’s out March 2019 from Solaris Books and available to preorder now. I probably mentioned that on the blog already. In fact, I know I did. Many times. So sue me.

I recommend watching the one-minute video in HD, in a darkened room, with the screen expanded to full size. On a scale of one to ten, dial the volume up to eleven. Enjoy!

Reviews of String City

“Edwards rewards patience with a savory blend of hard-boiled mystery, the fantastic, and the futuristic.”Publishers Weekly

“So impressed by the ‘just right’ touch [Edwards] has with the various elements, never over-explaining but expecting the reader to keep up. His inventions and combinations are convincing, and the mix of plot and description perfect … Having read a lot of noir/sci-fi books this is the best of the lot for a long time.— Lauren L, NetGalley

“A fusion of genres that not only works but sets a high bar for both detective crime fiction and sci-fi alike.” — Account D, NetGalley

String City is balls to the wall insanity, a mash of quantum physics, classic mythology and noir detective fiction. Digging deep into noir fiction tropes (including plenty of bourbon, a femme fatale and tragic backstory) Graham Edwards manages to play the weirdness straight and improbably this keeps the venture afloat. It is so crazy that it should not work. But it does.” — Robert G, NetGalley

“This novel was a refreshingly great mix of genres! With memorable characters, incredible world-building and an engaging fast-paced plot, this is one that readers with different interests will enjoy.” — TheDigressiveApproach, NetGalley

“Fascinating, intellectually stimulating world-building … Nowadays, it’s rare to find truly unique books and String City delivers unforgettable, mind-bending moments.”— Łukasz P, NetGalley

“A genre-busting behemoth … like a giant funhouse with something new and different around every corner … get ready for some entertainment.— Dave W, NetGalley

“What an absurd thrill ride this was, a delightful blend of fantasy, science fiction, mythology, and noir. It’s the most unique literary world building I’ve ever come across. I was hooked from beginning to end and really hope this turns into a series.” — Jocelyn S, NetGalley

“Graham Edwards showcases his highly imaginative mind in this cyberpunk hard boiled noir detective fiction. His world building is extraordinary and hugely compelling, where gods, horror, and more are interwoven in this mindbending, weird, but oddly addictive storytelling. There is plenty of science in String City but Edwards does not make the error of over explaining the concepts which can impact negatively in slowing down the storytelling. A fabulous and fun reading experience which I recommend highly.” — Paromjit H, NetGalley

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