Interview with the Gumshoe – Guest Blog for Civilian Reader

String City and Southern Comfort

I recently had the pleasure of appearing as a guest blogger at Civilian Reader, a rather splendid website run by veteran reviewer Stefan.

Pondering what to write about, I decided to share a strange experience I had the other day, when I was accosted by a fictional character – none other than the gumshoe hero of my new novel String City. I’ve recounted our entire conversation on Stefan’s blog. Here’s a brief extract:

GUMSHOE: What in the name of Hades do you think you’re playing at?


GUMSHOE: (pulling a copy of String City from his coat pocket) You think this is funny?

GRAHAM EDWARDS: There are funny parts.

GUMSHOE: Don’t get smart. What gives you the right to pass off my life as fiction?

GRAHAM EDWARDS: Your life is fiction. I invented you.

GUMSHOE: (waggling the book) You ever investigated an explosion at a Titan casino? Entered the lair of a giant spider queen? Crossed the dimensions without getting eaten by boundary wolves? Trust me, buddy, all those things you put in the book – they’re real. I should know.

GRAHAM EDWARDS: But they’re not. And neither are you. Which begs the question – how did you get here?

I’d like to say we parted as best buddies, but that’s not really how the conversation went. To read the entire post, visit the Civilian Reader blog.

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