Stone & Sun

Stone & Sun cover art by Les EdwardsStone and Sun by Graham Edwards sends Jonah and Archan on a headlong race to the very top of Stone’s mighty wall. A thousand worlds must be crossed before the summit is reached … and in this race there is no second prize.

Newest passengers on the Bark’s greatest voyage yet are the mysterious Tom Coyote, flung to Stone from the erupting Mount St Helens in 1980 and, more mysterious still, the diminutive Mister Ren, who claims to have created immortality. In the glare of its guardian sun, the fate of Stone – and all the worlds on which it depends – hangs by a thread.

Jonah must reach deep into the strands of memory to turn the flow of time’s river to his advantage. But tinkering with history, as he has already discovered, is a dangerous game …

  • “This is not another collection of fantasy clichés, but something rich and strange” – LineOne

PDFRead an extract from Stone & Sun

The story behind Stone & Sun

I remember vividly the eruption of Mount St Helens in 1980. I was fifteen years old and couldn’t believe something so Biblical could really happen. So it was inevitable I’d try to write the event into a book sooner or later. Even better, using the event allowed me to introduce my Victorian explorer Jonah Lightfoot to a character from the late twentieth century – a culture clash I couldn’t resist.

Jonah meddles with time in quite a big way in Stone & Sea but only in this final book of the trilogy do the full implications of his earlier actions become clear. I love the labyrinthine possibilities of time-travel and I wasn’t about to wrap up this story without exploring it to the limits.

Stone & Sun begins with the following ‘quotation’:

Come with me now
Hold on tight
Trust me
I won’t let go

Actually it isn’t a quotation at all, but my message to the reader. This was a tough book to write and, when it came to editing it, I realised the story had a lot of sharp edges. I smoothed them out and made sure everything was hanging together, but I still felt it would do any harm to give a little reassurance up-front.

So, does it all work out in the end? Does Jonah solve the final mysteries of the world-wall of Amara, also known as Stone? And just how do you vanquish an immortal dragon?

To find out, you’ll have to read the book.


  1. Please reprint! I’ve only just found out you exist and I need all the books. If I buy a new copy you get the money so PLEASE reprint!

    And make sure you sell them in Canada.

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