Cinefex Looks at the Digital Makeup of “Maggie”

Just like Arnold Schwarzenegger, visual effects aren’t just about action and spectacle. In Henry Hobson’s melancholy zombie film Maggie, Schwarzenegger plays Wade Vogel, a devoted father who cares for his daughter, Maggie (Abigail Breslin), after she contracts a dreadful disease which gradually turns its victims into flesh-eating monsters. For my latest article on the Cinefex … Continue reading Cinefex Looks at the Digital Makeup of “Maggie”

Revisiting Cinefex (21): The Terminator, Dune

Emerging from a wall of fire on the front cover of Cinefex #21 is the extraordinarily detailed stop-motion cyborg endoskeleton built by Doug Beswick for James Cameron's seminal 1984 science fiction film The Terminator. There's more fictional futurism on the back cover, in the form of the spice harvester from David Lynch's 1984 adaptation of … Continue reading Revisiting Cinefex (21): The Terminator, Dune