Ghostwriter Diaries – Pitched

Hurrah! New ghostwriting pitch submitted, with 3,500 more words than were asked for in the brief. My client tells me they’re cool with the extra length, so at least I haven’t fallen at the first fence. Now I wait for three or four weeks while they read all the submissions and decide who gets the gig. With … Continue reading Ghostwriter Diaries – Pitched

Ghostwriter Diaries – A Whole New Pitch

Picture the scene. I’m up to my neck in the final edits on a novel, with just three weeks to go until the deadline. All systems are go. All cylinders are firing. The inside of my head resembles the Somme. In the middle of the carnage, I get an email inviting me to pitch for … Continue reading Ghostwriter Diaries – A Whole New Pitch

Ghostwriter Diaries – Final Edit – 1

I'm two chapters into the final edit of the novel. That's three hours work - that's simultaneously backbreaking and meticulous, like trying to balance a house on your back while performing ballet. Why so tricky? Because, while every note I've received from the editorial team is right on the money, what each one requires me to do is … Continue reading Ghostwriter Diaries – Final Edit – 1

Ghostwriter Diaries – Another Final Edit

During the past few weeks I've enjoyed a welcome break from my ghostwriting duties. The editorial team at the London office of my book packager client have been swarming over the final section of my first draft, peppering it with comments, suggestions and revisions. Now it's landed back in my inbox, which means the time has come for … Continue reading Ghostwriter Diaries – Another Final Edit

Ghostwriter Diaries – Not Really The End

Approximately ten minutes ago, I wrote the two most satisfying, thrilling, heart-breaking and terrifying words in the English language. "The End" I wrote them on the final page of book two of the ghostwriting project I've been chronicling here for, oh, it feels like years (possibly because it has been years). That means I've finished … Continue reading Ghostwriter Diaries – Not Really The End

Here Come the Word Police

I shouldn’t be writing this blog post. The reason’s simple: I’ve used up my legal quota of words for 2014, and the rules are clear. What’s that? You don’t know about the rules? Well, here they are: Every year, every writer is given a certain number of words to play with. Once he hits the … Continue reading Here Come the Word Police

Ghostwriter Diaries – Mid Term Milestone

Sometimes the small victories are the most satisfying. This morning, I completed draft one, part two, book two, of the novel I'm ghostwriting. That puts me decisively past the halfway point of the three-book project. I now have until December 12th to edit the 48,000 words I've just written. That's more or less an impossible … Continue reading Ghostwriter Diaries – Mid Term Milestone

Ghostwriter Diaries – What’s in a Theme?

I've just submitted the first part of the second novel of the fantasy trilogy I'm ghostwriting. The book has three parts, so I'm about six chapters short of the halfway mark for the project as whole. Hurrah! Something unexpected has crept into this second book. Something I'm always wary of. It's something that every writer encounters from time to … Continue reading Ghostwriter Diaries – What’s in a Theme?

Ghostwriter Diaries – The Next Odyssey

Can you guess what just landed in my inbox? Yes, it's the final outline for my next ghostwriting assignment: Book Two of the fantasy trilogy I've been contracted to write. My start date is ... well, just as soon as I can clear my desk. My deadline for final submission is March 2015. My task … Continue reading Ghostwriter Diaries – The Next Odyssey

The many lives of a writer – 6

Most people are like cats – they live not just one life, but many. Writers are no exception. Here's the skinny on my sixth writing life. Life 6 - Collaboration I'm not exactly sure when I slipped into my sixth writing life. That's the thing with time. We like to imagine it frozen into neat little chunks, like ice cubes … Continue reading The many lives of a writer – 6