Ghostwriter Diaries 11

NotebookThis week I hit the first real road block in my ghostwriting journey. Yes, real life (as it often does) took my careful crafted schedule and twisted it into something resembling a monster pretzel. I won’t bore you with the details, but let’s just say the broken washing machine and partly flooded kitchen didn’t help. There wasn’t much water, but it’s amazing how a little domestic disaster can lose you an entire day.

However, it’s an ill wind that blows no ghost any good. In order to resolve the washing machine saga, I’ve had to use a day’s annual leave to receive delivery of a new unit. No prizes for guessing how I’ve spent my impromptu holiday!

Actually, it’s been my best day’s writing for a long time. Three chapters and over six thousands words makes the slight pain between my shoulder blades almost worthwhile (note to self: improve posture when typing). Wonder of wonders, I’m now slightly ahead of schedule, so I can almost convince myself I’m ready to relax. Almost. Ghosts never really relax, you see.

Now, I wonder what other household appliance I can break in order to engineer another day off work …

What do you think?

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