Alien Film Franchise Encyclopedia – Coming Soon

I'm thrilled to reveal the cover of the Alien Film Franchise Encyclopedia, a brand new in-world guide to the Alien universe, due to be published by Titan Books on 15 August, 2023. Through 2021-2022, I was part of a four-person writing team working in a top secret virtual bunker alongside my inestimable colleagues Clara Čarija, … Continue reading Alien Film Franchise Encyclopedia – Coming Soon

Alien, Prometheus and Santa Claus

I have an obsessive streak. When I like something, I really like it. That includes things like medium-rare steak and those songs I just have to listen to over and over again (perhaps by Kate Bush or the Electric Light Orchestra or Elbow or any number of tracks from popular film scores) but mostly I'm … Continue reading Alien, Prometheus and Santa Claus