“Black Angel” Launches Crowdfunding Campaign

Last year on the Cinefex blog, I interviewed film director Roger Christian about the rediscovery of his lost short film Black Angel. The film was made in 1980 on a budget of just £25,000, and was released theatrically alongside The Empire Strikes Back. Now, 35 years on, Black Angel is being resurrected as a feature-length … Continue reading “Black Angel” Launches Crowdfunding Campaign

Black Angel

Cast your mind back to 1980. The Empire Strikes Back has just been released. I'm a gawky, geeky teenager who spends his time writing stories, drawing spaceships and making disturbing Super-8 films. I'm also rabid with anticipation for the continuing adventures of Luke Skywalker. So imagine my dismay when, after queueing outside Bournemouth's Gaumont Cinema … Continue reading Black Angel