Cinefex Diaries – Dragons and Porgs

It's a weird feeling holding my shiny new copies of Cinefex 157. Since I joined the magazine staff over two years ago, this is the first issue that doesn't contain one of my articles. That's not because I've been slacking, I hasten to add. I spent a couple of months before Christmas researching and writing … Continue reading Cinefex Diaries – Dragons and Porgs

Cinefex Diaries – 2018 Starts with a Splash

Every New Year kicks off with movie awards season, and this year the film that everybody's talking about is the romantic fantasy The Shape of Water. Regular readers of this blog will already know how much I enjoyed covering this film for the winter issue of Cinefex - I blathered on about it in this … Continue reading Cinefex Diaries – 2018 Starts with a Splash