Writing a novel is like this

Writing a novel is like all these things:

  • Weaving a carpet
  • Hacking out a sculpture from solid marble
  • Juggling scimitars whose blades have been honed to razor-shapr perfection
  • Getting jiggy with someone you love
  • Embarking on a long journey in a foreign land without map or compass
  • Bringing up a child
  • Building a replica of the entire city of New York out of matchsticks
  • Exposing yourself in public
Editing that same novel resembles the following:
  • Scrubbing furiously at the carpet in the vain hope of getting rid of the stains
  • Wondering what kind of glue you need to stick broken pieces of marble together
  • Counting your fingers and finding you don’t have as many as you used to
  • Going again
  • Retracing your steps through what turned out to be a minefield
  • Doing a DNA test to make it’s really yours
  • Discovering matchsticks are flammable
  • Covering yourself up in embarrassment and hastily running for cover

Any of these sound familiar to you? And which ones have I missed?

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