Rush – heading behind the scenes

Rush PosterRegular visitors to this blog will know I’ve been writing about the world’s best visual effects journal Cinefex for quite some time now. Well, I’m delighted to announce that now I’m writing for it.

The article I’m working on will look at the visual effects of Ron Howard’s new film Rush, which is scheduled for UK release less than a month from now (the article itself is due for publication in the winter issue of Cinefex). Right now I’m in the middle of interviewing a number of people involved in the production, after which I’ll be putting my head down to whip the thing into shape and turn out the copy. It’s a thrill to be writing for a publication I literally grew up reading, so I’m pleased to say a big ‘thank you’ to publisher Don Shay for throwing this opportunity my way. Thanks also to editor Jody Duncan for all her support to date (no doubt there’ll be more to come) and to associate editor Joe Fordham for nursing me through some of the technicalities.

One of the big lessons I’ve learned so far about research journalism has come from Don, via Jody, and it’s this: Remember to leave your ego at the door. It’s good advice, and chimes nicely with a mantra I learned a long time ago in the design business: There’s no such thing as a stupid question. I’ve discovered that it’s all too easy to go into an interview with preconceptions about what answers you’re going to get. It’s also tempting, when someone says something you don’t understand, to gloss over it for fear of looking dumb. Both are traps I’m trying hard to avoid.

I’ll tell you more as the article progresses … but not very much more. I have signed a non-disclosure agreement after all. But I can tell you that the visual effects breakdowns I’ve seen are truly stunning. As for the movie itself: hell, I’ll be first in line. In a purely professional capacity, you understand.

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