“Talus” Review Roundup – 2

Talus and the Frozen King UK CoverWith one week to go until Talus and the Frozen King is published, it’s time for a second roundup of blog reviews. I encourage you to click on the links and read the reviews in full. While I’m delighted to say Talus is being warmly received so far, there’s some good criticism here: Bookonaut has some interesting views on the thorny issue of naming Neolithic characters, while Sense of Wonder debates the question of what genre the novel actually falls into … and even recommends a music track to listen to while reading the review!


A very enjoyable whodunit complete with all the ingredients that make a good mystery … tightly told with a clear direction and goal in mind …  I think both mystery and fantasy readers alike will feel right at home with this one. A very entertaining and fast read.


 If you have ever wondered what Sherlock Holmes crossed with the Neolithic era might be like, Talus and the Frozen King will give you a reasonable idea … Edwards does a good job with the creation of the landscape and the physicality of the setting … if you like Holmes and Watson-like characters in your murder mysteries and you are tired of the body count in Midsomer, give it a go.

Sense of Wonder

Edwards’ prose is well above average and the pacing of the plot is almost perfect, with the right twists in the right moments and an increasing sense of mystery and tension … I recommend Talus and the Frozen King to mystery and whodunit fans and, probably, to fantasy readers as well. It is a quick and light read, with believable and intriguing characters.

Still not sure if Talus and the Frozen King is for you? Head over to Wagging the Fox, where you can read the first two chapters online for free!

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