“Talus” Review Roundup – 6

Talus and the Frozen King UK CoverFinancial Times – review by James Lovegrove

A wonderful mash-up of genres, fusing a proper, well-plotted detective yarn with prehistoric blood and thunder pulp fiction action. Talus, who combines the cerebral prowess of Sherlock Holmes with the physicality of Conan the Barbarian, is a strong, well-rounded character who could easily support a long-running series of adventures.

Ginger Nuts of Horror

A spectacularly brilliant detective duo and a wonderfully twisty and atmospheric central mystery. These two central strands are wrapped up in a detailed world that feels genuinely authentic. If I wanted to be lazy then I could compare Talus to Holmes, but that would be too lazy. Yes, he shares many of the traits common to some of the world’s favourite detectives, however Edwards has imbued Talus with enough of his own personality to make him  his own standout character. I’m eager to see how and where this leads us in future books.

Adventures Fantastic

A genre blending work of heroic fantasy and mystery. Something fresh and different from most books on the shelves. I hope it does well, because I would love to see more of Talus and Bran.

SciFi Chick

Talus and the Frozen King is mystery set in the Stone Age, in what is now Scotland. The mystery is unpredictable and well-developed. The story is engaging with plenty of twists and turns. I’m hoping this is just the first in a distinctive series.

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