Cinefex 145 Now Available

Cinefex 145

There’s something hot on my coffee table.

It’s issue 145 of Cinefex, and it’s hot because (a) it’s just been published; (b) it has the Millennium Falcon on the cover (signalling the presence of a drop-everything-and-read-it-now article by my colleague Joe Fordham about Star Wars: The Force Awakens); (c) it contains my first article for the magazine as senior staff writer, namely a soup-to-nuts look behind the scenes on the 24th James Bond film, Spectre; and (d) as an extra bonus, it’s also managed to sneak in an updated reprint of my Q&A on the visual effects of the sleek sci-fi thriller Ex Machina.

Also inside this new edition are in-depth articles about awards season favourite The Revenant, and ocean-going melodrama The Finest Hours.

Golly. It doesn’t get much hotter than that.

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