Dragoncharm Ebook Now Available

Dragoncharm Special Edition Ebook by Graham Edwards

Twenty-one years after its first publication in 1995, my first novel, Dragoncharm, is now available as a special edition ebook. Hot damn!

Why a special edition? Well, in preparing Dragoncharm for republication, I’ve taken the opportunity to revise the text. If you’re new to the story, you won’t care about that – you’ll just want to get on and read it.

If you’re a fan of the original – don’t worry. This is the same story it always was. All I’ve done is cut out a little unecessary padding and smooth out a few rough edges. Rest assured that all your favourite dragon characters are still there, doing exactly what they did before.

Interested? Here’s the blurb:

Before man, there was magic. And where there was magic, there were dragons.

The world is turning. The faeries are dying. Fortune, a humble dragon of the new, natural order, joins his fire-breathing friend Cumber on an epic quest to challenge the force that is drawing enchantment out of the world. As the tyrant Wraith attacks the ancient stronghold of Covamere, Fortune’s growing band seeks to bring together the divided races of natural and charmed, for only if dragons are united can the world be made to turn true.

This special edition of the original 1995 novel features revised text and a new introduction by the author. Return to the days before man walked the earth, when the skies were filled with dragons …

You can buy Dragoncharm online at Amazon sites around the world. To read, all you’ll need is a Kindle, or Kindle reader software for your device of choice. If you enjoy it, please (a) leave a review on the site you bought it from (b) tell your friends and (c) let me know.

2 thoughts on “Dragoncharm Ebook Now Available

  1. I’m so happy this is out, and I hope you do the other novels (including the Stone trilogy) as well!

    I’ll be sure to review this in the next few months on my site 🙂

    1. Thanks, Tom! Getting Dragoncharm to this point was a monumental task, so I’ll see how it fares. It would be great to make the other books available in due course. Thanks so much for offering to review the new edition – much appreciated!

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