Interdimensional Inkjam

String City Misprint-1

Christmas came early! I just received advance copies of my new novel String City. Hurrah! But, oh dear, this special delivery comes with a twist. Thanks to an unexpected interdimensional inkjam, the first run of the book flew off the press with a misprinted spine.

The only option is a reprint, which sadly means a slight delay to the publication date. Previously String City was due out at the end of January 2019; now I’m afraid you’ll have to wait until the beginning of March.

The good news is that, apart from the inexplicable use of green ink to print the title on the spine, making it more or less unreadable, the book looks gorgeous.

String City Misprint-2

Ah well, the cosmos never spins quite the way you expect. And you never know, in this or some other universe these misprinted first editions might eventually be worth something. If nothing else, I can use them to prop up the corner of my desk.

What do you think?

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