Stone & Sea – New Edition Out Now

Stone & Sea by Graham Edwards

It gives me enormous pleasure to announce the publication of a brand new edition of Stone & Sea. First published by HarperCollins in 2000, this epic fantasy novel is a sequel to Stone & Sky and follows the continuing adventures of Victorian explorer Jonah Lightfoot as he sets sail across a vertical ocean filled with magic and mystery.

The odyssey continues across the world-wall of Stone …

In a world beyond our own, Jonah Lightfoot and Annie West embark on a perilous voyage across Stone’s vertical sea. Along the way they meet dragons and dryads, a forest that speaks and the mighty Rata Kadul, goddess of the ocean. Awaiting them is a showdown with the immortal dragon Archan, returning from the abyss into which she was cast.

But Archan is not the only danger. As Stone’s treacherous magic weaves its subtle spells, the voyagers begin to wonder if their minds are still their own. And when Jonah delves deep into Stone’s fragile store of memories, he learns that time’s great river is his to command.

Everything – even history – is about to change.

Stone & Sea by Graham Edwards


  • A world as coherent as McCaffrey’s Pern yet as relevant to the reader’s own view of the universe as John Crowley’s ‘Aegypt’ series. Edwards is a very significant writer in this respect” – Fantastic Fiction
  • Good solid fantasy … superior fare” – Amazon

Now that the new editions of Stone & Sky and Stone & Sea are both out there, only one task remains – namely, the republication of Stone & Sun, the third and final book in the Stone trilogy. Work on this is already underway, and I’m hoping to wrap everything up this autumn. Keep checking this blog – or better still subscribe free for updates – for the latest news on the reissue of the complete Stone trilogy.

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