Stone & Sun – New Edition Out Now

Stone & Sun by Graham Edwards

My reissue of the Stone trilogy is now complete, with the publication of a brand new edition of Stone & Sun. First published by HarperCollins in 2001, this epic fantasy novel is the concluding volume in the series that begins with Stone & Sky. Continuing his adventures across the world-wall of Stone, Victorian explorer Jonah Lightfoot embarks on his greatest journey yet as he heads for a final showdown with an immortal dragon, setting out in the only direction he hasn’t yet explored – up!

The epic journey concludes at the summit of the world-wall …

By meddling with the magical structure of Stone, Jonah Lightfoot has created a duplicate of the entire world-wall. This twinning of the worlds has made it possible for the evil dragon Archan to rise once more.

Desperate to vanquish their enemy, Jonah and his companions set out on a hazardous quest to climb the vertiginous face of Stone. At the very top of the world-wall lies Sunlight Pass, the arena in which they will face Archan for the final time and the place where all the memories of the Stone converge into a single strand.

The battle for the future is about to begin – but the key to victory lies deep in the past.

Stone & Sun by Graham Edwards

All three books in the Stone trilogy are now available from Amazon worldwide, in paperback or for Kindle. They feature brand new cover artwork designed by yours truly, plus a new set of author’s notes outlining some of the background to this 2022 reissue. Go get ‘em, folks!


  • This is not another collection of fantasy clichés, but something rich and strange” – LineOne
  • “An imaginative tour-de-force, quality writing … a superior work of fantasy” – SFX on Stone & Sky
  • “A world as coherent as McCaffrey’s Pern yet as relevant to the reader’s own view of the universe as John Crowley’s Aegypt series. Edwards is a very significant writer in this respect.” – Fantastic Fiction on Stone & Sea

Book trailer

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