Harbinger Down – Film Review

For a sci-fi horror movie set on a frost-covered trawler in the middle of the icy Bering Sea, Harbinger Down positively oozes warmth. A warm respect for its genre. A warm regard for its audience. And a blazing passion for its mission - to prove that old-school practical filmmaking techniques are alive and kicking in this brave new digital world. An unashamedly nostalgic riff … Continue reading Harbinger Down – Film Review

“Harbinger Down” Theatrical Release

A little over two year have passed since indie horror movie Harbinger Down, the brainchild of a gang of independent filmmakers led by the film's director Alec Gillis, reached its Kickstarter funding goal and went into production. This week, from 7 August 2015, the "Harbies" have reached the amazing milestone of achieving theatrical release for the finished feature. … Continue reading “Harbinger Down” Theatrical Release

Fire City: The Interpreter of Signs – Review

Demons walk among us, feeding off our misery. But we cannot see them. To us, they are ordinary human beings. To them, we are their next square meal. That's the premise of Fire City: The Interpreter of Signs, the feature directorial debut of Tom Woodruff Jr, an Academy Award-winning creature-maker whose track record includes films like Aliens, Predator … Continue reading Fire City: The Interpreter of Signs – Review

Harbinger Down

Huge congratulations to Alec Gillis, Tom Woodruff and the rest of the ADI team for raising the $350,000 they needed to make their feature-length sci-fi horror movie Harbinger Down. For a while it was touch and go whether or not they'd hit their Kickstarter target, but a steady groundswell of support from a big fanbase … Continue reading Harbinger Down