Birotech – “Strange Cargo”

It's a while since I've inflicted a new piece of birotech on you, dear reader. This latest drawing took me an hour, using the cheapest, nastiest ballpoint pen I could find, and appears to show some kind of strange containment apparatus disgorging an even stranger item of cargo. I've no idea what that thing with … Continue reading Birotech – “Strange Cargo”

Birotech – “Ear Wax Picker”

The earliest models of humanoid robot were so desperately primitive that they were unable to pick out their own ear wax. Hence this retrofitted device, which did the job for them. When I started drawing this latest piece of Birotech, I imagined it was some kind of futuristic hyperdrive. Then, halfway through, I tweeted a questions asking people to … Continue reading Birotech – “Ear Wax Picker”

Birotech – “Limb”

Here's another of my Birotech doodles. Why "Birotech"? Because I draw them with a Bic biro. It's called "Limb" for no other reason than that it looks like some kind of robot arm. Maybe. The truth is I've no idea what it is, any more than I knew what my previous drawing in this series … Continue reading Birotech – “Limb”

Birotech – “Station”

I used to draw for pleasure all the time. Now I rarely have the urge. However, today the mood took me and I spent a happy hour sketching this strange futuristic structure (I have old sketch books filled with stuff like this). I've called it Station but really I've no idea what the heck it is. … Continue reading Birotech – “Station”