Birotech – “Limb”


Here’s another of my Birotech doodles. Why “Birotech”? Because I draw them with a Bic biro.

It’s called “Limb” for no other reason than that it looks like some kind of robot arm. Maybe. The truth is I’ve no idea what it is, any more than I knew what my previous drawing in this series was: Station. All I know is, on the rare occasion I get a Sunday afternoon to myself, I’m slowly rediscovering the simple satisfaction of drawing for no other reason than to please myself.

Below are the work-in-progress snapshots. I tweeted these as I went along, inviting people to guess at the strange mechanism’s purpose. Among the answers I got were: Portable Microwave Weaponry; Hover Vehicle-Mounted Lighting Rig; and Fully Operational Death Dustbin!

Anybody got any better ideas?


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6 thoughts on “Birotech – “Limb”

  1. Those are awesome little doodles. I don’t have that kind of eye. I can picture the entire Big Brother house in my head whilst I Direct there, and figure out where to place cameras in an instant. But ask me to draw something, and you’ll get scribbles.

    1. Thanks, Alex. It’s horses for courses. If you let me loose with the cameras in the Big Brother house, I’d probably have them pointing at the ceilings, the floors, anywhere but the action!

      1. In fairness, part of my job is to point the cameras at the ceilings and floors in order to create little cut-away clips for the Editing process. You’d fit right in!

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